May 20 2017. Bearing witness at Aziz Slaughterhouse in Queens, NY. Goats, sheep and cows are forced to wait in a holding pen next to the innards and body parts of those who have been murdered.
November 19, 2017. Our Thanksgiving vigil where we bear witness to many turkeys awaiting their death. You don't need to eat flesh to be healthy and happy. As a matter of fact, animal flesh is harming you. Please go vegan!
Sept. 20, 2017. Our 4th Anniversary vigil. We held a joint vigil with Brooklyn-Queens Animal Save (their first!). Three birds were rescued this day.

May 5, 2014. Bearing witness with Toronto Cow Save. The skins of the murdered cows coming out and being put in a truck which is then taken down the road to a tannery.

July 22, 2017. Bearing witness in front of a live market in Astoria, Queens NY. This chicken was still on a transport truck, waiting to be taken inside to her death. At this point death would be a blessing for this little one.

August 19, 2017. Bearing witness at a live market in Harlem. Each of these animals has a different and distinct personality yet they are treated like inanimate objects and commodities. They are all someone, not something.

Live market in Harlem, NYC December 21, 2013

Sat., 11/22/14. There were SO many birds and rabbits crammed into the cages and crates. It seemed busier than usual due to Thanksgiving being 5 days away. People need to start seeing these animals as someone, not something. They are not here for us.

Saturday, 09/27/14. In exchange for promising not to block the doorway, we were allowed to come inside to take photos and film.

The target were street vendors who sell furs at Spring St. & Broadway. The level of aggressiveness was unbelievable.

Fri., 01/02/15. Two weeks after the bleach & ammonia attack, we went back and found the fur vendors had moved across the street from where they usually set up and only two of them were out selling. The three guys who were arrested were not out.
Sat., March 12 2016. When will people realize animals are not here for our entertainment? These animals are beaten and trained through FEAR. They should all be free and living in the wild. This is NO life for any animal. Please boycott all circuses that use animals.
Sat., 10/25/14. I was standing by the front door and we saw a worker grabbing two guinea fowl out of their cages. I ran to the side door, where you can see WHO they are weighing. You are all someone and not forgotten. We are here to tell your stories.

Sat., 12/20/14. These street vendors poured bleach and ammonia from the top of a building onto the protestors below. The street vendors who sell fur once again tried to set us up but this time they were caught.

Sat., March 12, 2016. We saw the elephants being led back to their tent and was able to catch some footage of two elephants who were "allowed" to stand outside for a while. Note the stereotypic behavior of swaying back and forth, called "weaving" which is typical of elephants held in captivity.